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Dragonfly CBD’s award-winning CBD Oil range is specially designed for your wellness and everyday use. We have created a wide range of products for both CBD newcomers and experienced users, so you are sure to find what you are looking for here. Browse our CBD oil UK product range today and take a look at our CBD guides to find out how CBD oil can support a number of wellness issues – from anxiety to sleep deprivation – that afflict millions of people daily.

Original Formula

Organic CBD Oral Drops
From £13.65 / month

Broad Spectrum

Organic CBD Oral Drops
From £13.65 / month


Organic CBD Oral Drops
From £20.65 / month

Vitamin D Infused

Organic CBD Oral Drops
From £20.65 / month

Choosing the right
CBD oil for you

Choosing a CBD product that’s right for you will largely be determined by three things: strength, price, and taste.

We realise that too much choice can be a bad thing, so like any great restaurant, we like to keep our menu simple and straightforward.

Dragonfly CBD oil oral drops is produced using a meticulous distillation process that filters out many of the cannabinoids, terpenes and waxes that naturally occur in CBD. This leaves the finest organic CBD oil with a smooth consistency and taste.​

Broad Spectrum Range

Our Broad Spectrum CBD Oil Range uses a double-distillation process that keeps in more of the plant’s natural compounds, such as flavinoids, terpenes and waxes. This results in the production of the finest organic CBD with a richer depth of flavour.​

Flavoured Range

Bringing some zest and colour to your CBD routine, this flavoured oil range blends Dragonfly’s super-distilled CBD oil formulation with organic flavours. A wide variety of choice means that you have four flavours to choose from: fresh mint, zesty orange, warming cinnamon, and spicy anise. Perfect for those who like a little flavour with their CBD oil oral drops.​

Vitamin D Range

Finally, there is Dragonfly’s Vitamin D CBD oil; one of the most innovative on the market. This oil has been expertly formulated with 15 micrograms of Vitamin D per serving, which helps to support your immune system. The mixture combines super-distilled, organically crafted CBD oil with 500 micrograms of Vitamin D per bottle.

Vitamin D helps you maintain muscle, bone and immune function, as well as all of the other benefits of CBD: perfect for those in need of an extra boost. It also makes it easier to follow the NHS’s advice to supplement Vitamin D during the darker months.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD is a food supplement, not a high.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of 113 different cannabinoids naturally found in the resinous flower of the Cannabis Sativa L plant. It was first discovered in 1940 and today is a legal, non-addictive substance that it widely used across the world.

While Dragonfly CBD is a Cannabis-based product, it does not contain THC which produces the ‘high’ from cannabis.  Instead, it has a polypharmacological effect that can provide a wide range of positive health benefits.

How do you take CBD oil?

Our CBD oral oil drops are designed for oral consumption. Simply place one or two drops of your chosen CBD oil under your tongue and let it absorb into your system.

Is CBD oil legal in the UK?

Yes, CBD oil is legal in the UK and we adhere to the strict measures in place to ensure all of our products are of the highest quality and fully legal for purchase and consumption.

Why Dragonfly CBD?

Dragonfly has always been committed to making the finest organic CBD.  Purity and highest quality are ingrained in Dragonfly’s DNA. That’s why we do everything ourselves. Our Dragonfly farm in Bulgaria only cultivates Cannabis Sativa plants. Our farmers nurture and harvest them from seed to deliver our promise to be 100% organic.

The Dragonfly-owned production laboratory, together with the Dragonfly team, meticulously extract the CBD leaving no trace of THC and only the purest oil. Stringent independent third party testing back-up our claims. 

Dragonfly is committed to producing a product which is both good for people and the environment.

What can CBD oil help with?

CBD Oils can be used to help a number of everyday stressors and wellness issues.

Check our guides and learn more from the Dragonfly specialists about the symptoms, causes and solutions for a wide range of ailments – to help you get on with the life you want, today.

  1. Sleep
  2. Anxiety
  3. Sports Rest and Recovery

You can also incorporate CBD oils into your everyday life through a variety of recipes.

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